Skills - Soulgrid

Statistics of an wisdom-based character

Okay, time to explain how all the skills work from the soulgrid. Remember, every point in a skill does not only give you the effects of the skill, but also gives you the effects of the stat which it belongs to.

[Strength] Increases the damage you do with your weapons.

[Weapons] - You only need to put in 1 point in this skill, and you'll be able to wield every weapon type. However the damage is rather low. Putting more points in this does not raise your damage (except through the strength stat it belongs to), but is only required for other skills.

[Blunt, Axes, Swords, Daggers, Staves] - As I just said, you can wield Every weapon type when you have 1 point in the Weapons skill. These skills are only to make a specific type of weapon do more damage.

[Steady Hands] - This raises your Base attack, not the attack from weapons, the weapons attack gets added to your base attack. The hit chance applies to every weapon type, but also helps with magical spells.

[Weapon Mastery] - This skill raises the damage of all weapon types, and not just one. However only one fifth of the specific weapon skills, since it raises 5 types.

[Two Handed] - Not yet implented...

[Toughness] Increases your Health and base armor. This also decreases damage taken in battle and the damage from falling and traps.

[Clothing] - Without this skill you are unable to wear anything but necklaces and some headgears.

[Medium] - Enables you to wear Medium weight armor. Every skill point raises the armor value of the equipment.

[Heavy] - Enables you to wear Heavy weight armor. Every skill point raises the armor value of the equipment. Heavy weighting armor slows you slightly, depending on its weight.

[Comfort] - Raises your speed by wearing medium weight armor, depending on how skilled with medium armor you are, and how strong the equipment is.

[Worn in Armor] - Lowers the speed penalty from heavy armor.

[Natural Armor] - Raises your base armor, not the armor value of items. The armor value of items gets added to your base armor value.

[Shields] - Enables you to wear Shields. Every skill point raises the armor value of the equipment.

[Magical Ward] - Raises your base defense against magical spells.

[Tough Skin] - Lowers the chance you get a bleed effect. It's not very usefull at the moment, however will be in the near future.

[Fatigue, Roll] - Not yet implented...

[Wisdom] Heightens your SP, SP regeneration, and damage output with magic.

[Magical Items] - Without this skill you can't get bonusses from items. Putting more points in this skill does not raise the bonusses, but is required for certain other skills.

[Magic Enlighten] - With this skill you are able yo use Magic, this does not make you "Know" spells, or how to read scrolls. Putting more points in this does not raise any effects, but is required for certain other skills.

[Identify Potion] - This skill makes you able to find out what potions do.

[Magical Weapons] - Without this skill you are unable to use "magical" or other special effects from weapons. These effects are things like "Chance to use a skill/spell on hit".

[Herb Knowledge] - Makes you able to see the difference betwean weeds and usefull herbs.

[Potion Brewing] - Enables you to brew potions with herbs. Heighting this skill will increase the succes rate of brewing a potion.

[Scrolls] - Required to read scrolls, this is the main skill for magic. Scrolls are enscribed with spells, and there is no other way yet to cast spells than by scrolls and spellbooks. Note: Raising this skill above your characters level does Not make you able to use skills above your characters level.

[Scribe] - Enables you to enscribe scrolls into spellbooks. You can only read and enscribe spells up to half your Scroll skill.

[Enchant Weapon, Battle Cast, Memorize, Poisons] - Not yet implented...

[Speed] Heightens the chance to attack first. Increases dodge chance, and the chance to evade traps. Also gives a small chance to retaliate when a creature attacks you by surprise.

[Fleeing] - Without this skill you can not run away from fights.

[Escape Artist] - Raises the succes chance of fleeing.

[Dodge] - Enables you to avoid attacks and spells by opponents. Without this, all attacks made by opponents always hit.

[Agile] - Raises the chance to avoid attacks.

[First Strike] - Raises the chance to attack first in a fight. Does not apply to fleeing.

[Swift Feet] - Raises the chance to flee before the opponent makes it's attack in a turn.

[Swiftness] - Enables you to attack twice in a turn. More points in this skill increase the chance of attacking twice. This does not apply if you are dual wielding.

[Dual Wield] - Enables you to wield two Daggers, and attack with both. The damage from the second dagger is lower. Raising this skill slightly raises the damage from your second dagger.

[Good Grip] - Raises the damage done with your second dagger. This depends mostly on the attack of your second dagger, not on your base attack. Base attack does effect your second dagger's damage already however.

[Sneak Up, Reflexes] - Not yet implented...

[Dexterity] Affects your chance to hit things, and land on your feet when you fall. Also raises the chance to land a critical blow, and balances your damage output.

[Accuracy] - Without this skills attacks and spells can't hit your opponent on a crittical spot. Raising this skill does not increase the chance to critticaly hit, but is required for certain skills.

[Balanced Swing] - Raises the hit chance of melee attacks, but also slightly raises your hit chance of spells.

[Weak Spot] - Raises the chance to hit your opponent on a crittical spot, with both weapons as spells.

[Wound] - Every hit with a weapon gives a small chance to make your opponent bleed, losing health every turn untill recovered. Mostly lasts 2 turns.

[Cutting] - Whenever you hit your opponent on a crittical spot with a weapon you'll make it bleed.

[Perception] - Increases the chance to find items on a dead corpse slightly.

[Keen Eyes, Pick Lock] - Not yet implented...

Good luck!
Skills - Soulgrid

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