First thing you should do is configure your Soulgrid. Else you'll die before you noticed you are still running about in the nude.

At the moment, everyone starts in Hisprith, eventualy there'll be a new player guiding place. But for now, you'll have to find out most things on your own.

Once you figured out how to put your clothes on, and ran trough the town in the nude once more just for fun, you are ready to head to the forest to batter around innocent critters with your Stick!

Ofcourse, you'll get bored doing so and will most likely try to see what there's deeper in the woods. The most likely scenarion is that you either get lost, or die.... or both! Oh Joy!

When you die, you'll turn into a ghost, and you'll need to find a way to return to the living. This is easier than it would appear at first though. All you have to do is go to a town, village or city, and find yourself a church or holy place if you're a angel, or a graveyard if you're a demon.

But what if you're lost! Well, then things aren't looking good for you. Either you can ask assistance from other players, or just roam around untill you find the exit. The first one is probobly the easiest, but less fun ^_~

For a guide over magic you can check here: Magic.

If you have any questions about things you don't get, do ask them! this will help you and make the guides more helpfull for other players.

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